Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why Aluminium Gutters Not PVC?

A: The initial cost of aluminium seamless guttering is higher than PVC but as it has a life expectancy of over 30 years compared to 5-10 years with PVC, it works out cheaper in the long run.

Q: Will it fade in direct sunlight?

A: No! The baked on paint finish is guaranteed for 25 years and will stay looking good for the life cycle of the system.

Q: Why is aluminium more eco friendly than PVC?

A: The aluminium coil used to produce our guttering is made from 98% recycled aluminium. PVC is produced from chemicals that are harmful to the environment and difficult to dispose of. It also requires a tremendous amount of energy to produce PVC products.

Q: How do you produce gutters with no joints?

A: Joints in our guttering only occur at corners. We make our gutters on site from a machine in the back of our van. We bring the factory to the job site and can produce lengths of gutter up to 100ft (30m.)

Q: Why do joints in PVC gutters leak but aluminium joints don’t?

A: PVC gutters are affected by thermal movement, they move backwards and forwards over the rubber gaskets making them wear away, causing leaks. Aluminium has a very low expansion rate so less strain is put on the joint; there are also less joints on an average house because all straight lengths are in one piece.

Q: What is Fascia & Soffit?

A: Fascia is the board that the guttering is fixed to and supports the roof tiles. Soffit is the horizontal board from the fascia back to the wall.

Q: Will I ever have to maintain my new Seamless Aluminium Guttering?

A: If you have the Alurex Leaf Guard fitted to your new gutters, you will never need to clean them out again. The outsides can be washed down with soapy water to keep them looking good.

Q: When did you install your first Seamless Aluminium Guttering Job?

A: We did our very first job on our mother and father’s house in 1983. It is still working well today and the paint finish is still jet black after all these years.