We have been removing concrete gutters for over 30 years. So from our initial survey right through to completion, you can be assured you are dealing with an expert who will deliver a first class job at a competitive price.

All our work is covered by a 20 year guarantee and we are a Checkatrade registered company so our service is constantly vetted to make sure standards are maintained. We only use top quality materials that will exceed the guarantee period and enhance your home giving you a truly maintenance free property.

Problems with Concrete Gutters

Because concrete gutters bridge across the cavity, they are subjected to what is called “cold bridging.” This is where the outside gutter section can often be at minus temperatures in the winter months and the inside part of the gutter at room temperature. This causes the concrete to expand and contract, breaking the joints in the gutter sections and drawing damp inwards. Damage to plaster and peeling wallpaper with mould spots is a common sign that the gutters have failed.

Once the joint between the concrete blocks is broken water will leak down the outside wall staining brickwork or render. Worst still because the gutter sits over the cavity water can leak down the cavity soaking insulation. Most reputable cavity wall companies will not install cavity wall insulation on properties with concrete gutters for this reason.

Concrete Gutter Removal

Finlock Gutter Liners

In some cases, it is not possible to replace your concrete gutters. But our mobile gutter forming machine situated in our van can form Seamless made to measure gutter liners on-site in continuous lengths. This means no joints in the running lengths, so no leaks.

This forms an independent gutter that is not affected by any movement of the concrete gutter. The smooth surface of the pre-coated aluminium aids water flow and improves the discharge of rainwater from the roof. We have been installing these liners since 1983 and they are still working well today.

Concrete Gutter Removal

How it works:

  1. Firstly, we will carry out a survey of your property to ascertain the safest way to access your gutters. Safety is very important to us and we will carry out a full risk assessment and method statement prior to quoting. We have a wide range of specialist access equipment that we erect to keep costs to a minimum. Sometimes we will need a fixed scaffold erected over conservatories and extensions. For this, we use a specialist Scaffolding company.

  2. Once the access equipment is in place, we remove the lower course of roof tiles. This allows us to assess the condition of the eaves felt. Defective eaves felt is then trimmed back and all debris removed from the gutter in preparation for cutting away the gutter section.

  3. The gutter part of the concrete block is cut away using specialist equipment. All of the concrete is disposed of and recycled by our waste disposal partners so no impact is made on the environment.

  4. This part of the installation involves installing a treated timber backing board fixed to the concrete with special anchors. It not only provides a straight solid fixing point for the PVCu fascia and Soffit but it also acts as an insulator.

  5. The PVCu fascia and soffits are then fixed to the timber backing board with stainless steel fixings. We only use the highest quality materials with white being the standard but other colours are available.

  6. Due to the decay of the old bitumen eaves felt, it is necessary to install an eaves protection tray. This prevents ponding of water behind the fascia and provides a drip into the guttering. Over fascia vents and eaves tile closures can be provided depending on the type of roof tiles.

  7. The existing roof tiles are then re-fitted and verge and hip tiles re-bedded in mortar. This is a very important part of the installation, often neglected by our competitors but essential for a watertight job.

  8. The guttering is the most important element of the installation. Incorrect sized gutters can cause overflowing. We only use Seamless Aluminium guttering for two very good reasons:

    Firstly, concrete gutters have a large internal capacity, standard PVC gutters carry about a third in comparison. Seamless gutters have the same carrying capacity as the original concrete gutter so the existing downpipes will drain the gutter easily.

    Secondly, the Seamless Aluminium gutters are made on site in continuous lengths with no joints in the running lengths.

    Joints occur at corners and stop ends only. The gutter has a baked on paint finish in a choice of colours and it will not fade in direct sunlight. It can also have a leaf guard fitted that keeps all debris out of the gutter. The system has a life expectancy of 30 plus years. We do not use PVC gutters as they will not last the guarantee period.

  9. Lots of our installations are carried out on terraced or semi detached properties. Jointing to an existing concrete gutter is achieved with a universal connector which will allow water to flow uninterrupted between properties.

  10. Soil and vent pipes that used to pass through the concrete gutter will be cut off and an air admittance valve installed.

  11. A full range of leaf guards and downpipes are available to compliment the installation.

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